Time Warp

In the same way that this has felt like the longest year, it somehow has passed quickly enough to forget what day it is. It’s how a road trip can feel. The same drive going home feels far longer than the drive at the beginning, despite the time passing is the same. Call it anticipation on the way out and disappointment on the way home, I am vaguely aware of both.

We have spent nearly 1,200 miles making our way out to Colorado and everyone has loved having a front seat view. Today was about changing things up. We played new songs and learned new games. A few takeaways: 1) a game of poker lasts a lot longer than I realized 2) it’s easy to raise the bets when real money is not at stake 3) word search competitions only work when you are looking at the right page (try to find airmail😉)

We have laughed. We have snacked. We have slept. We have drained our hot spot capability according to ATT …and we still have one hour to go. Even our dog Cleo begs us to stop by staring at the exit.

It’s all worth it to me because we are actually having a blast even in our boredom. We know what’s ahead. The view through the windshield is clear for now. The next few days we’ll soak up the sweet and precious time with cousins and I can’t think of anything more important than that in the middle of the road driving across the country in a pandemic.

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