It’s a First

It’s the first time I have missed the first day of school for my kids. Wilson started high school and Parker started 4th grade.

It’s a first without our first too. Stuart just finished his first week of college football training. I’ve made sure they are all ready for this week.

My reality is they can set their alarms, dress themselves and even make their own breakfast and pack a lunch. In some ways, they don’t really need me to dote over them and tell them how big they are. They know how important pictures are to the tradition of first days of schools and Wilson surprised me with the selfie with her little brother.

To make the first day happen, they really only needed someone to drive them to the school door. We had grandparents more than willing to do that.

So instead of spending this weekend thinking about the end of summer and stacking up supplies and helping with what outfits to wear, I watched Tommy start and finish this big effort called LeadBoat. He’s put in 9 months of work and it paid off. It’s the equivalent of his own school year so I chose his graduation over the start of the academic year. I do often call him my 4th child.

We may have ended summer for the kids but his summer just kicked off and he crushed his goals. If numbers were something we needed to pay attention to instead of grades, it would be a success. 2 days of racing. 250 miles. 12,000 ft of climbing. 8 amazing friends and family a part of the official support crew. Less than 50 finishers. Bravo.

But…if there was a real prize being handed out, I’d get #1 fan.

For any big effort there is a rival effort. I’ve laughed all weekend that being a part of the support crew is maybe just as difficult as the effort itself. I didn’t train for it. Arguably I was thrown into the elements with little preparation. Spectating should get more acknowledgments. Numbers works here too…a collective 17 hours of baking in the sun, 1450 miles of flying and driving to the race destinations, over 150 texts and emails to manage what’s happening back at home, two rounds of steroid dose pack and a nerve block coupled with 5 days of utter focus on someone else’s needs. Winning at being a wife…check.

The prize for me? This moment my brother in law captured: Tommy’s pointing at me when he crosses. And that’s what I call a photo finish. We did it.

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    Congratulations to Tommy and his amazing support team lead by his incredible wife🎉 Cheers to new beginnings for your entire crew. Wow, that is a lot of firsts in a short span of time. Hope everyone has the best school year and hope we see you all soon! XO Alison

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