Back up

Sometimes it’s important to back up before you fully understand where you are headed. As I mentioned, tracks are always left.

We’ve left out a few details so I thought I’d play catch up. In an effort to be fully transparent, I’ve been in a place lacking all creative juices. I’m self described manic since Covid-19 hit the states …and my state of emotions is unstable at best. I work hard to feel differently but I’m a hugger by nature and I feel a bit lost in social distancing. So I fake it. I know how to laugh and smile and put on the show but for those who know me well enough, it’s just plain tough to feel happy on some days.

One of the most important pieces of buying a new rig is stability. It must be able to handle the road with all of the construction zones, wind, and storms. The final landing spot is equally important. The need to set up and open slides and stay parked for a while requires balance and equilibrium. It’s not just the vehicle that needs stability, but it’s the person behind the wheel. I’m not there yet so I’m grateful to have this man owning the road for us. Our little Cleo (our Italian retriever) is a good companion and seems to be enjoying the views too.

Another shocking thing in upgrading is there is no license necessary to learn how to drive this much of a bus. We spent three hours being checked out on the exterior and interior hoses, generator, plumbing, air brakes, etc. At the end of the tour, they just hand over the keys. It’s yours to drive off the lot; no questions asked. We had a lot to learn and did our best, despite a storage door popping open after taking our first turn out of the sales lot. And the gas pump could use a little more instruction about how close you should get to fill up your tank. We stretch ourselves in the newness of it all and still we feel invigorated.

The kids. They are just plain excited about the space. I think they are excited for both the extra space to move around and the space to be together again. It’s the definition of time. We spell it out in a way the kids are not only prepared but ready to take it on with us. Let’s be clear. For all of the room we have bought into, it’s still a tight fit. Attitude is the only way forward together.

We wrap up the first of our 8 hour drive realizing the firsts. Parker barely remembers Jackson Hole and he and Wilson have never seen a windmill because typically T and I drive the long legs out west.

As we cross into our KAO in Kansas, we still hold the tradition of playing AC/DC loud to make ourselves known.

Our first night to stay in our new rig is overall a success. We have a few wires crossed with the black water (never something to play around with) but our induction stove top and convection oven work like a champ for dinner. Ramen noodles for the win.

And after a long day, we know it’s time to settle. We head to our carved out spaces and get comfortable. We say our prayers and we can only hope and pray tomorrow brings about the plans we made.

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