The rain was unexpected. Not the fact that it rained today but the volume of the water that flowed from the downpour was impressive.

I laughed with Parker that he needed to get a float and raft the creek running through our backyard. It was tempting. The water was outside the banks. It was the color of mud and all we could do was watch it run fast and wild. We felt safe in our spot but there is a recklessness that wrestles just at the surface.

There are so many unpredictable things that take place around us. Science is a wonder. Weather is not something we can control. This new world of not being able to contain the virus has so many of us watching the power of what may happen. Out west, fires rage and water is scarce.

Meanwhile, we water our yards and take long showers with little understanding of what might happen because of our choices.

The word enough becomes subjective…we have enough. There is enough.

I’ve had enough. Is it an exit strategy or is it a mantra? The stormy waters will move depending on the weather. The virus will take hold depending on the elements it encounters. We watch the clouds and hedge our bets.

Us? What is driving our next move? Will we watch, will we invade or will we stand idly at the banks? It’s all moving fast. That’s the constant for now.

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