Green Eggs and Bacon

Camping has come a long way in food offerings.   Gone is the assumption that you can only eat Ramen noodles, canned food, and s’mores, although we do that too.


We have stepped up our game.  We travel with our Green Egg.  We don’t mind we may be judged a little for bringing it, but Tommy has learned to operate this little baby like a champ and like our kids, we carry it wherever we go.

IMG_1914We love the smoked flavor and we need our meals to feel five star rated to rival the scenery around us.  Food is not just fuel, it is the seasoning to the trip.  We do not want our food to be ordinary, we need it to be extraordinary.  When the boys were on the road in Montana making their way out, they picked up monster steaks from a local butcher, Matt’s Butcher Shop in Livingston, and treated us all to them again when we made our way back through.

1D64F7C9-00D0-4D38-A5F6-0CB0CD5026A9For a hike, I take salad with fresh basil in a Yeti cup and drizzle it with balsamic vinegar for our picnic lunch.  I make kale chips for an appetizer (thanks fav cuz for the recipe). On a trip such as this, the food not only will nourish, but it will wow us.

This is one of the benefits of camping. If you bring the right tools and pay attention to the little details,  you can make a good day great.  No matter how long of a grind we make trekking across a state, we know we will have a delicious meal at the end of the day.  If we know we will have a long day ahead, we can get started with smoked bacon and everything falls in place.  IMG_0732

Good food doesn’t take much more effort, but it can help you savor the journey.

Happy 4th from Jackson Hole, WY!



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