Dirty Laundry

IMG_1833For every long trip we take there is a lot of dirty laundry that piles up.  We have a huge black bag with straps that we bought once for the kids going to away camp that serves as our dirty laundry keeper. With each hike or workout, we add our sweaty clothes to the bag until it is bulging.  We know at some point we will have to deal with it but we let it accumulate until it is blocking our way in and out of the airstream.

We all have dirty laundry and deal with it a number of ways.  For me, it piles up until it cannot be ignored.  For others, maybe a little laundry is aired each day.  I’m not sure the answer but at some point,  I have to tackle the pile we have.  There is a certain sense of control and order restored when I do the laundry.  Folding shirts and making tiny piles of belongings makes me feel like I’m winning the fight against our dirty laundry.  For at least one day, we each have a fresh start.


Getting dirty on a trip like this also reminds me we are doing exactly what we came for…sand, dirt, salt water…all of it washes out.  Here it is again, the restoring power of water.   If you live the life God intended, you will get dirty.   Life is meant to be lived.  We were made to walk this earth and explore. What else is true is we will get messy when we become His hands and His feet in the world…but we also have a promise.  Water washes over and makes all things new again.




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