Happy Reunion

Now, more than ever, time with cousins is savored. With the way travel has changed in the last few months, it’s not certain when we might all be together again. It’s also been great to reflect on the changes of age and the increased level of independence of not just my kids but my niece and nephews. After a beautiful drive through Blackhawk, we settled in for more outdoor living.

Exploring the outdoors allows for so much learning. Parker takes a tumble on his bike and is left with a road rash reminder of the effects of gravity. All of the kids take on the hills and the altitude of the Colorado landscape. As fun as riding on a bike downhill can be, going up is far harder.

Remnants of animals who have traveled through create anticipation they might show again. The harsh reality of life and death surfaces in the eerie shadows of the aspens making known the circle of life. Parker asks about heaven and I feel stumped in my answer. This world tells us very little about the next because there will be no more pain, no more sorrow…that alone is hard to imagine but my belief is it will be true.

Small mountain showers dust us twice but they don’t keep us from hiking. Mountain blue birds dart across the landscape and an immature bald eagle soars over the lake. Even the faint lines of a rainbow appear briefly, bringing the promise of hope and better days ahead.

We spend the evening taking in the flight of the hummingbird diving for bugs, feeding its small and tiny self all day to keep up the beat of its wings. I was able to capture this moment of rest.

We feed our tired selves too and call it a day.

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