In Awe

Before we see the Grand Canyon, we spend an afternoon in search of wildlife at Bearizona, a tucked away park that cares for rescued animals in Williams, AZ.  We weren’t sure what this safari park would have, but from all five of us, this park delivered.  From close encounters to watching animals in a near lifelike habitat, we felt we experienced more in our two hours here than we have in the wild.  It provides all of the fun but none of the danger.  Let’s be clear as a mama, that’s important.  From burros to wolves and bison to bears, we had our glory taking in the sheer power of each animal up close.



In some ways we all want to be rescued and live our best life so I’m glad they have created this great place where you can recover, rest and heal and live into the way you were meant to be, scars and all.

After high-fiving how we came into Arizona, with a little Memphis celebrated out here too, we wake rested to take on one of the many wonders we came to see. IMG_1673It’s hard to even describe the Grand Canyon and all of its massiveness.  The approach into the South Rim is something quite hidden and nondescript. IMG_3181You can drive down the infamous Route 66 with all of its relics captured in time. IMG_3075
You pass small Western towns, beckoning for one last walk down memory lane of things that once made people smile.  You see the train tracks that conquered the West before cars even did.  Then, you take your own walk up to the rim and you almost have to catch your breath.IMG_3194

We are limited in how we can even take in the view.  It is so expansive and so grand. IMG_3214We soak in the day walking along the South Rim and have our own small celebrations about seeing this for the first time.  We get the necessary souvenirs.  It’s a centennial year for the Grand Canyon and we are happy to splurge on the National Park passport, the sticker for the airstream, and the t-shirts to represent.  Money well spent.IMG_3220

When you take in a day like we did, you have to expect the crash.   We spend our time over dinner reflecting.  We heard about the fears each of our kids have over dinner – fear of dinosaurs, until we shared they no longer exist, so it switched to pythons.  Then we heard about the fear of squirrels and the fear of planes.


We listen and we give in.  And when faced with wonder and standing in awe, sometimes you just have to lay down, give in and let the moment wash over you. . .sweet dreams until tomorrow.IMG_3225IMG_2979

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