Brake Lights

Brakes are meant for stopping. Brake lights let those following too close behind know to slow down. As we wind down our summer and enter the pace of the city, I want the brake lights to serve as a reminder to me to move with caution.

There are plenty of distractions all around to keep me moving fast. Sign up genius is being circulated at a break neck speed. Sports schedules are demanding. School supply shopping is pressing. Grocery needs are building to keep the lunches stocked for the school season.

Even though the fall season will bask in the glow of Friday night lights for our little family of five, I know the speed of living this life will be challenging.

In less than two weeks, we will have another driver in the house. It is more important than ever to think about driving at the right speed.

Time has one pace. Our perception is what makes us believe it is moving too fast or moving too slow. It's how we schedule our time that makes us feel like there isn't enough time in a day to do all we said we would. So here's hoping I can keep my foot on the brakes. Here's to keep the day moving a just the right speed to take in what's right around me.

I don't really need time to slow down.

I need to slow down.

We love our new nephew…Welcome to the world Brant!

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