Marymere Falls is our next excursion.  We take a windy road along the edges of Lake Crescent and the water is bright blue and clear.  Tommy has always loved the water It has a healing power to be near it.  Water sustains us.  Yet we are acutely aware of its ability to carve out these mountains around us.  Sheer gravity forces the water to push down over the sides of the rock and a slow carving takes place, a shaping of matter.


People come from all over to walk this path to the highest point.  While water is running down, we are climbing upward…moving against gravity with each step up.  We are grinding to the top only to watch the water cascade over the edge and find its way down to the smaller pools where we can touch and feel the cold run through our toes.

We marvel at how easy it look then realize, we can do the same.  We can give into gravity.  We don’t have to push against it.  We have the power within us to shape the world around us, not let it shape us.


It is something to be hard as a rock, stubborn and unmoving, but I hope we can all be more like water.  Fluid and gentle, yet channeling an energy and a force to change things around us when needed.


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  1. YaYa says:

    Miss those 3 dark figures in the tunnel!☺️


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